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Medical and Healthcare
Software Development

Fully regulated Medical Software

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Medical Software

Whether making medical device software or apps for the healthcare industry, our team uses the same key principles for development. 

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Medical Software

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Medical Software Development

We are an ISO 13485 certified company. This means we build safe and reliable medical software in accordance with the requirements of ISO 13485, ISO 62304 and ISO 14971,

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Case Study

Developed in conjunction with Aston University, MyDryEye allows users to take control of their dry eye disease management. The app allows users to accurately record their treatment programs and monitor treatment effectiveness over time by using a series of scientifically validated treatment assessments.


The innovative DropTap technology allows users to simply tap and track their eye drop activity, providing an accurate record of medication taken.

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Available soon on the Apple and Google Play Store 

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Find the right platform for your needs

iOS & Android Apps

Mobile apps can help you and your business function more efficiently whilst on the move. Stay connected with customers and employees, build custom systems to communicate effectively, or streamline everyday tasks. Whatever the need, we have you covered.

We have in-house technical architects who are capable of taking your idea/concept and creating the perfect solution for your business or startup.


We produce apps using the latest development software for both Android and iOS devices. The development tools we use allow us to build just one product, and with a few minor tweaks, it can function on both iOS and Android. This saves both time and money.

Web Apps

We provide a broad range of web development solutions for our customers. Web apps provide flexibility, allowing access from anywhere with an internet connection while facilitating easy update and data storage. 

If you have unreliable internet, want the reliability of an on system app or want to avail of the security a stand-alone system provides, then you may require a desktop-based app. Our developers have experience designing and building Desktop based applications.

Desktop Applications


We cut our teeth building applications to aid in data collection and processing for scientific research. From Machine Learning for blink detection to remote-controlled virtual reality visual impairment software, we have the skills to build whatever you need.

Minimum Viable Product

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a great idea for those who can’t afford app development mistakes. It allows you to test your product on the market, collect feedback, make necessary changes and then fully launch it in the App Store or Google Play.

Our Processes

Discovery - User and Business

The discovery phase of any mobile app project is critical as this is where we build an understanding of the key users of your app. Furthermore, we also grasp your business aims as well as create the requirements for your app. We seek to put ourselves into the shoes of a typical user, who they are, what they will use this for, how will they access the app and produce a product targeted for them that also meets your own business needs.
The main output of this phase of the project is to create a full project specification that includes: costs, timelines and delivery phases.

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Design - Software Mockups and Prototypes

Once we understand both your business and user needs, we can continue our journey and start turning your idea into a reality. The software design has to start with the user at the centre. This is why we use design software to develop clickable prototypes. These are perfectly placed to test ideas on potential users, start pitching for additional funding or getting your team excited about the project.

Develop - Building and Testing the Software

Once you have seen how your app will work through the prototype, now will be time to turn the product into real software. We use the most current software processes such as Agile Management, Git Version Control, Unit and Regression Testing to build you a reliable and solid app. Depending on the requirements, we may build the front end using Flutter (cross-platform), Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android) or AngularJS (Web) and the back end using Python.

By building a development team around your project we can scale the team according to your requirements whether the project needs 1 or 10 highly skilled programmers.

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Launch and Evolve

Launch time is arguably the most exciting part of any mobile app project, that is why it is crucial to get right. Whether you are launching a new product to market or embedding a new digital service for your team to use, we will be with you every step of the way. We achieve this by either partnering with your marketing team to create a launch plan or scaling the infrastructure. This ensures your software works seamlessly as the number of users increase.

We will work with you to understand how your customers are using your software, review the feedback they provide as well as develop a roadmap to continually evolve and improve your product. 

We help businesses grow through software design

If you are looking for a team of exceptional software developers then look no further

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