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The Team

"Our aim is simple; to research, build and supply the most user-friendly business software and hardware on the market"
Young Businessman with Colleagues

Software Developer and Product Lead

Over 10+ years of developing user-friendly apps and equipment within heavily regulated industries, Alec is passionate about using software and hardware to solve problems.

Dr. Alec

Scientific Research and Technical Evaluation

With over 215 published peer-reviewed scientific papers, James has the knowledge and experience to advise on any of your projects.

Prof. James

Regulations and Operations

An engineer with a background in operations and project management within the ministry of defence, Mark is passionate about delivering high-quality products on time and within budget.


Software Engineer and Developer

A veteran .Net developer, with 10+ years as a software engineer and back end developer, Ben is the newest edition to our team and is eager to use his knowledge to improve your project.


We help businesses grow through software & product design

If you are looking for a team of exceptional software developers & product engineers then look no further

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