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Optom Central
 Vision Testing Suite
The complete remote vision testing platform
Vision Testing
Across Mobile, Tablet and TV
iOS Operated
Integrated Vision Apps
Including VA and Reading Speed
Secure Data Storage
Fully Secure Offline Data Storage & Report Generation
"All of our vision tests are integrated with Optom Central, allowing you to safely store and customise all the tests which are important to your study."
Advanced Glare Testing
"Mapping glare couldn't be any simpler when using our remote-control operated Halometer "
Glare Mapping
360 Degree Glare Assessment
Calibrated Hardware
Custom Controlled Light Source
Remote Operated
Control Via Mobile For The Quickest Glare Readings
Reading Metrics
Reading Acuity, Speed & Accuracy
Distance Checking
Advanced Image Processing
Calibrated Sentences
In Four Languages
Reading Speed
Reading Acuity Test
"Our Reading Speed app offers fully automated distance checking to ensure accurate acuity measures when assessing reading speed."
Blink Assessment
Objective Computer Vision
"Our blink software works in the background, allowing paitents to read their phone while we assess their blink duration and blink rate in real time."
Blink Rate & Duration
Objective Blink Assessment
Works In Background
We record blink measures without interfering in patients reading
Computer Vision
Advanced Computer Algorithms

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