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Specialists in Ophthalmic

Innovative Vision Products

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Innovative software for the ophthalmic industry

"We research, build and supply some of the most user-friendly ophthalmic software and hardware on the market"

As leaders in the ophthalmic software field, our app and products are used worldwide both in clinical trials and by clinicians and patients.


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Dry Eye App

Symptom and severity assessment of Dry Eye Disease

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Optom Central is our complete vision testing platform



Guided blink exercises and  reminders for dry eye patients

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Case Study

Angel Eyes NI came to us with a vision, to develop the world's most advanced visual simulator, that allows users to see the world through the eyes of the visually impaired.


Our team of engineers and developers worked closely with Empatheyes to create a complete training system that lets up to 10 virtual reality headsets be controlled all from one device. With this system, up to ten students can be trained at a time.

" Can't recommend the team at Wolffsohn Research enough; their engineers really appreciate the user experience and during development, they took the time to genuinely understand what we were trying to achieve. This helped them deliver a product that far exceeded our original expectations.  - We have just finished using the system to train 30 domiciliary care workers and the whole system functioned seamlessly ."

Sara McCracken, CEO, Angel Eyes NI and Empatheyes Ltd.

Case Study

Developed in conjunction with Aston University, MyDryEye allows users to take control of their dry eye disease management. The app allows users to accurately record their treatment programs and monitor treatment effectiveness over time by using a series of scientifically validated symptom assessments.


The innovative DropTap technology allows users to simply tap and track their eye drop activity, providing an accurate record of medication taken.

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Available soon on the Apple and Google Play Store 

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Case Study

Built specifically for ophthalmic surgeons who perform cataract surgery, RayPRO is a free mobile and web-based digital platform that proactively collects an insightful blend of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) over three years.

Easy-to-understand reports are presented in real-time via the intuitive RayPRO dashboard that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

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